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Olympia London (Olympia) is committed to making the information on this website accessible to everyone. If you are having any difficulties finding or accessing a particular item on the site, please try using the site map. If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us.

Text size

The Olympia London website allows you to alter the size of the text. To do this, simply adjust the setting of your internet browser, using the View menu. Alternatively, if you have a mouse with a wheel, you can usually hold down the Ctrl button and rotate the wheel to adjust text size.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The Olympia London website has been constructed with extensive reference to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The site meets all of the Priority 1 and most of the Priority 2 and 3 checkpoints. The draft version 2 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines has also been considered.

Colour contrast

The Olympia London website has been designed to meet the WCAG and RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) guidelines. The website has sufficient contrast and appropriate colours to be viewable by those who are red/green (Deuteranope and Protanope) and blue/yellow (Tritanope) colour blind.

Style sheet based layout

The Olympia London website uses a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout rather than the traditional tabled layout. This makes the content of the website accessible to a wider audience as it’s separated from the style and formatting.


The Olympia London website uses heading elements to allow users to easily understand the organisation of each page. These headings allow information to be quickly accessible through all internet browsers. Your browser may allow you to navigate through these headings.


The links on each page can be navigated through using your computers Tab key (above Caps Lock). By holding the Alt Gr key and then pressing the Tab key together you can return to the first link.